A new experience

Hello readers and a warm welcome to my page.

This short blog is a celebration to the start of a new direction in my life and a huge thank you to my first official buyer during an unofficial stay at a medieval festival.


Useldange Mëttelalter is one of my favorite medieval festivals because of its location, the time of year during which it takes place and the personal memories it holds for me and my partner.

This year, we helped at a stand that sells the most delicious mead and liquors "Therakulix", mostly because it's a joy to socialize and be part of the luxembourgish medieval community.


A lovely lady which I am acquainted with from archery fell in love with the necklace I wore, and so, an unexpected purchase was made.

The necklace is a blue and white based design inspired by the sea and the middle-east. 

As happy as I was creating this necklace, it gives me even more pleasure to know that someone else wanted to own it.


So, thank you for giving me further courage to continue my passion.