A new start

There's beauty in life when extraordinary things happen.

Isn't it crazy how we can look and realize how things change?



I am so happy and excited to tell you all that I've fulfilled a secret wish since childhood: Working with fire! (Who needs matches when you can play with 750 degrees!)


Actually, this all started very randomly and my lampworking wasn't initially designed for anything other than personal use.

My fiancé and I love going to Middle-age festivals here in Luxembourg and every year there are more stands and more friendly faces to meet. Coincidentally, the fashion at these festivals has shifted from European to a more Viking feel! (Probably from the "Vikings" series and other shows which are currently taking TV by storm.)

My beloved gifted me for my Birthday last year a beautiful Viking dress, with personal embroidery ( a lot of love invested in it). Of course, I immediately wore it for the next festival and in my free time I educated myself on the jewellery and accessories that Viking Women wore to further adorn my new fab clothing! 

To my astonishment, I saw that glass pearls were very valuable and were even used as hand-me-downs passed down the family as proof of how prestigious a particular Viking woman - and thus a family - was in her village.

With this new discovery, I wanted to own my own beautiful glass pearl necklace. However, as soon as I investigated where to buy it... I realized, that beads were actually difficult to find and no one pearl looked alike. This scarcity and uniqueness inspired me and a question suddenly formed itself in my mind: "How are glass pearls even made?"


This is what sparked my journey into lampworking.

From curiosity evolved a personal satisfaction in making beads, in every shape, colour and form. Their individuality makes them a personal present and I want to share this with the people I surround myself with.


I hope this comes across in the pearls I sell and I'm thrilled to see where my journey will continue from here on out!



Thank you readers for being interested in where it all began!


With lots of Love,